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The two terminals are connected by courtesy shuttle buses, which operate between the terminals and the 8 different parking lots, transporting passengers where they wish to go.

Passengers with a rental car booking should take the free shuttle bus which leaves every 6.5 minutes from Terminal 1 (at stop 1) for Terminal 2 (passengers should hop off at stop 8) and cross over to parking lot P5, where access to the Car Rental Centre is provided. Rental cars must be returned to this location just behind parking lot P5 at the end of the rental contract.

This free shuttle bus operates between 06.00 am and 11.00 pm daily. Between 04.30am to 06.00 am the shuttle buses operate at 10 minute intervals.

Nice Airport is connected to the city via the A8 AutoRoute. A rather hair-raising bend in the motorway just before one gets to the airport causes frequent accidents, so motorists should take care when entering exit 50 for the airport.

The prices for long and short term parking at Nice Airport depend very much on which terminal and which car park one parks in. At Terminal 1 Parking Lots P2 and P3 provide 527 and 540 spaces respectively and here a 24 parking fee will be EUR 16.80 with a Park and Fly pass.

At P9 by Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 a full day’s parking costs just EUR 14.00, while at Parking lot PG1, where also 2 disabled parking spaces can be found, the Nice Airport parking fee is EUR 25.00 for any of they 92 spaces on offer.

Parking Lot P5 is one of the largest and here motorists will find a total of 2,333 parking spaces, which includes 52 spaces for disabled motorists. There are 8 entrances and 9 exits at this car park (Terminal 2) and parking here will cost EUR 16.80 for 24 hours. Parking Lot P6 offers 1,220 parking spaces for long and short-term parking at Nice Airport, which includes 26 spaces for disabled drivers.

At PG2 by Terminal 2 drivers will find 193 spaces, including 4 spaces for disabled motorists, which will cost EUR 25.00 for a full day’s parking.

Long-term parking at Nice Airport is typically handled by P6, where parking fees start at EUR 79.00 for 5 to 8 days with a EUR 30.00 fee for each subsequent week being applicable after the 8th day.

A long-term parking package for 9 to 15 days can cost as little as EUR 109.00 at P6, while 16 to 22 days will cost EUR 139.00 and 23 to 29 days will be charged at EUR 169.00. The maximum period motorists are permitted to park their vehicles in any of the Nice Airport parking facilities is 40 days only.

Although this is subject to availability on the day, it is possible to book Nice Airport parking up to just 10 minutes in advance, when going online.

For further information about long and short-term parking at Nice Airport, please visit the official airport website at, where parking spaces can be reserved in advance.

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